Episode 7

A Day in the Life: The Secrets of Successful Online Business Owners

In the final episode of This is Online Business Season One, Chris and Jeff share their daily routines, and how they balance between work and personal life! They share their non-negotiables, how they structure their days for maximum productivity, and Chris also shares his top tips for how he creates content each week!


  • [04:54] - What a day in the life looks like for Jeff
  • [08:15] - Jeff and Chris’ non-negotiables every Friday
  • [09:39] - Chris’ daily routine and why he gets his creative work done in the morning
  • [10:36] - Setting boundaries with clients in regards to your time
  • [13:00] - If it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done
  • [18:07] - The process Chris follows to come up with content ideas
  • [24:33] - One of the things you don’t realize when you start a business 


  • Jeff and Chris’ morning routines and their non-negotiables 
  • The importance of setting boundaries as business owners
  • The workflow Chris follows for his content creation
  • If something isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it! 



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