Episode 6

Diversifying Your Online Presence: Building Your Email List

In the sixth episode of This is Online Business, Chris and Jeff delve into the risks associated with relying solely on third-party platforms like Instagam and Facebook to build your business. 

They talk about the importance of growing your own email list, diversifying your online presence, and also what they’re both currently doing to generate high quality leads into their ecosystem!


  • [00:40] - Chris’ battle with Amazon KDP terminating his account
  • [05:31] - Jeff’s battle with Facebook shutting down his profile
  • [07:24] - Why a million dollar launch on Instagram is amazing, but terrifying at the same time!
  • [10:13] - Social media platforms are great at enabling us to share our message, but we shouldn’t be relying on them to build and grow our businesses
  • [13:46] - Chris’ biggest list builder in his business
  • [21:44] - Using paid advertising for lead generation
  • [23:22] - List building for when you’re at the beginning of your journey
  • [26:38] - Where the highest quality of leads come from
  • [30:55] - The hierarchy of leads


  • Why having your own online home is absolutely essential when building an online business
  • Platforms give us a place to build our brand and attract our tribe, but it can be taken away from us overnight
  • What Chris and Jeff are currently doing to grow their email list
  • The different strategies we can be utilizing to generate leads and bring people into our ecosystem



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