Episode 2

Becoming Known: The Power of Personal Branding

In the second episode of This is Online Business, Chris and Jeff dive deep into the topic of personal branding, and what it actually means! 

They emphasize the value of providing service and value to your community before selling, and the importance of figuring out what it is you want to be known for in your industry. Chris and Jeff also touch on the fear of imposter syndrome, their own experiences with it, the changing landscape of podcasts and YouTube, and why building your email list should be a core focus in your business! 


  • [01:41] - Your personal brand is what people say about YOU when you’re not around
  • [11:02] - How Imposter Syndrome almost prevented Chris from starting his podcast in 2010 
  • [17:03] - It’s never been easier to start a podcast or YouTube channel with how the algorithm works nowadays
  • [22:23] - How live launches have shifted over time for Jeff and what he’s learned from it
  • [25:33] - Not building your business on rented land
  • [27:53] - Email is not dead and should be one of your biggest focuses as a business owner! 


  • There’s a difference between being known for something and being talked about for something
  • A lack of consistency will kill personal brands and businesses more than anything else you do
  • Use online platforms to spread your message, but always get people to visit your website and join your email list
  • Why we should be focusing on growing our email list and not building a business on platforms that we don’t own



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