Episode 3

The Crucial Role of Copywriting in Online Business

In the third episode of This is Online Business, Jeff takes the lead as the copywriting genius and explains the significance sales copy has when it comes to our online business. 

Chris and Jeff also discuss the importance of standing out in your industry, being perceived as someone who delivers value and results, and how to build long-term relationships with your audience!


  • [03:12] - The goal as entrepreneurs is to bring people into our world and have them progress through your services to become your closest client
  • [06:09] - The magic behind sales copy and why it’s more important than most entrepreneurs think
  • [14:30] -  There’s more noise and competition in our online world than ever before
  • [21:26] - Jeff’s sales letter and what you can learn from it! 
  • [24:07] - The process Jeff and his team uses for writing sales copy
  • [25:24] - Copy is what will set you apart from the crowd 
  • [30:32] - The one golden rule for creating sales copy to move the needle and make a sale 


  • Why we should be focused on bringing people into our ecosystems and taking them through a journey
  • Even if you’re in a saturated niche, if YOU continue doing what you’ve done thus far, you will stand out as the expert
  • Nothing will set you apart from the crowd like sales copy will!
  • How to use sales copy to move the needle and get people over the buying line



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