Episode 4

The Evolution of Live Events in the Online Business World

In the fourth episode of This is Online Business, Chris and Jeff discuss their experiences with running live events, the challenges of creating a great experience for attendees, and the evolution of live events in the age of the pandemic. 

They also talk about specific strategies to keep attendees engaged, how and when to make an offer at a live event, and why live events are an important part of any online business to bring your tribe together! 


  • [01:32] - Jeff’s first live event, how much he charged and what it looked like 
  • [06:22] - Chris’ first live event and how his events have evolved over time
  • [13:44] - The effect Covid had on the live event industry
  • [15:20] - Why live events are a great way to bring your people together 
  • [20:54] - Selling a product or service at a live event and why it’s usually easy to close sales in-person than online 
  • [23:08] - Why Jeff doesn’t use the word “pitch” when making an offer
  • [27:23] - People who attend live events are your most committed potential clients


  • The behind the scenes of running live events that people don’t see
  • Bringing your community together will help move them further along in their journey 
  • Using live events to show your authority as a leader in your niche
  • People who travel to attend a live event are committed and wanting to find solutions to their problems



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